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Which subscription plans are available?
Which subscription plans are available?

On this page you’ll find a quick overview of our subscription plans and pricing.

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flowkey offers a number of subscription types to suit your needs, including Individual and Family plans. Below, you'll find an overview of our plans and pricing:

  • Our free version of the app

  • Paid subscriptions in our browser app (laptop or PC/Mac)

  • Paid subscriptions on mobile devices (Play Store or App Store)

You can access flowkey Premium across all of your mobile devices, even if you subscribe via our browser app on your laptop or PC/Mac.

Our free version of the app

When you create a flowkey account, you automatically have a free basic account.

You can try our free version of the app for as long as you want. In this version, you have access to 8 free songs and some of our course exercises. All features of the app are available.

Paid subscriptions in our browser app

flowkey Premium is available as a monthly or yearly subscription. You can choose an Individual or Family plan depending on how many people wish to learn.

Our Individual plan includes 1 profile, and our Family plan includes up to 5 profiles.

Your currency will be determined by your location. EUR (€) is the standard currency for most European countries, but we do provide local-currency pricing in select locations. Please note that the prices may differ slightly depending on where you are.

Monthly Premium subscription

We offer a monthly Premium subscription for people seeking flexibility in learning piano.

Our monthly Individual plan costs 19.99 USD/EUR per month.

Our monthly Family plan costs 29.99 USD/EUR per month.

You can unsubscribe from the monthly plan whenever you want. Make sure to unsubscribe 24 hours before your renewal date to avoid paying for an extra month.

Once you unsubscribe, you can still access all Premium content until your next renewal date.

If you want to stay flexible, the monthly plan is what you need.

Yearly Premium subscription

If you already know that you want to commit to learning piano for a longer period of time, we recommend a yearly subscription.

Our yearly Individual plan costs 119.88 USD/EUR, which works out to 9.99 USD/EUR per month.

Our yearly Family plan costs 179.88 USD/EUR, which works out to 14.99 USD/EUR per month.

The 12 months are paid in advance. You can unsubscribe from the yearly plan whenever you want, but no later than 24 hours before the renewal date.

If you unsubscribe, you’ll keep your Premium access for the full 12-month period that you’ve paid for. When that period expires, your subscription will end and you won’t be charged for a new 12-month period.

Please note: The yearly plan is the longest subscription period we offer. There is no lifetime plan available.

All of the abovementioned subscriptions can be found in our web app. You can manage your subscription via our web app on any laptop or PC/Mac.

Paid subscriptions on the Play Store and App Store

On smartphones or tablets, the subscriptions are bought through the Play Store or App Store. In these cases, the terms of service of the Play Store or App Store apply.

The Play Store and App Store offer local currency in most countries. Please note that in some locations, the prices may be higher or lower than what is shown below.

You can choose an Individual or Family plan depending on how many people wish to learn.

Individual plans (1 profile)

  • Monthly – 19.99 USD/EUR

  • Yearly – 119.99 USD/EUR

Family plans (up to 5 profiles)

  • Monthly – 29.99 USD/EUR

  • Yearly – 179.88 USD/EUR

We offer a free 7-day Premium trial in combination with our yearly plans.

When your free trial ends, it automatically renews as a yearly subscription. To avoid being charged, you need to cancel the free trial at least 24 hours before it ends.

Thank you for thinking of learning piano with us! With step-by-step courses and thousands of songs for every level of player, flowkey is an excellent choice for reaching your piano goals.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you still have any questions!

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