At flowkey, we offer a number of subscription plans to suit the needs of our users. Below, you'll find an overview of our subscription plans and pricing.

  • Our free app

  • Paid subscriptions in our browser app (laptop/PC)

  • Paid subscriptions on mobile devices (Play Store or App Store)

Our free app

When you create a flowkey account, you automatically have a free basic account.

You can try our free version of the app for as long as you want. In this version, you have access to 8 free songs and some of our course exercises. All functions of the app are available.

Our flowkey Premium membership offers three different subscription options.

The currency will depend on your location. Within Europe, all subscriptions are paid in EUR (€). Outside of Europe, the subscriptions will be billed in USD ($).

Monthly premium subscription

We offer a monthly Premium subscription to users looking for flexibility in learning piano.

Our monthly subscription costs 19.99 USD/EUR per month.

You can unsubscribe from your monthly plan whenever you want. Make sure to unsubscribe 24 hours before your renewal date to avoid paying for an extra month.

Once you unsubscribe, you can still access all Premium content until your next renewal date.

If you want to stay flexible, the monthly plan is what you need.

Annual Premium subscription

If you already know that you want to commit to learning piano over the course of the next few months, then we recommend an annual subscription.

The annual plan costs 119.88 USD/EUR.

The 12 months are paid in advance. You can unsubscribe from your annual plan whenever you want but no later than 24 hours before the renewal date.

Even when you unsubscribe, you will keep your Premium access until the 12 months are over.

Lifetime Premium subscription

If you know that playing piano will be a part of your life within the upcoming years, then our lifetime membership is for you.

The lifetime membership is a one-time cost of 329.99 USD/EUR.

It gives you access to all songs and courses without a time limit. The lifetime membership also includes all future updates (new songs, new courses, new features etc.) without any additional costs.

All subscriptions can be found in our web app. You can access your subscription on any laptop or PC from our website. Of course, the premium membership is also valid on all mobile devices!

On smartphones or tablets, the subscriptions are bought through Play Store or App Store. In these cases, the terms of service of the Play Store or App Store apply.

The Play Store and App Store offer local currency in most countries.

The following subscriptions can be bought on the mobile app stores:

  • Monthly plan for 19.99 USD/EUR (or equivalent in the local currency)

  • 6-month plan for 83.99 USD/EUR (or equivalent in the local currency)

  • Yearly plan for 119.99 USD/EUR (or equivalent in the local currency)

On these mobile app stores, the lifetime plan is not available.

We offer a 7-day premium trial in combination with the yearly plan. This premium trial is free for 7 days.

The trial needs to be canceled at least 24 hours before it ends. Otherwise, it will automatically convert into the yearly plan.

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