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No access to flowkey Premium content after redeeming a voucher code?
No access to flowkey Premium content after redeeming a voucher code?

Here you'll learn what to do if you’ve redeemed a gift voucher or Yamaha code but still don’t have access to flowkey Premium content.

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You’ve got your code and signed up for flowkey, but you still don’t have access to our Premium content. Below is a list of reasons why this might be happening, and how to resolve them.

You may not have access to flowkey Premium content because

A) You haven't successfully redeemed the code yet.

B) Your account status hasn't updated yet.

C) You have 2 flowkey accounts.

Here’s how to resolve it

A) Try re-entering your code

Try entering your voucher code one more time. You can redeem the code (again) here:

Web window with field for code entry to redeem flowkey Premium voucher

B) Restart flowkey

If you're on a laptop or PC/Mac, please refresh your browser.

If you're on a mobile device, please close the app and restart it.

Your account status will then be updated to Premium.

C) Send us your voucher code

Sometimes, a second account is created by mistake. This can happen when different social logins (Facebook, Google, Apple, or WeChat) are used—or when there’s a typo in an email address.

In this case, it can be that the code was redeemed on one account, but you’re logged in to a second account without Premium access.

The best way to find your Premium account is to send us the voucher code you used. You can contact us through our in-app messenger or by email at [email protected].

Of course, you can also always reach out if you have any further questions. We’re happy to help!

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