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Can I use an acoustic piano with flowkey?
Can I use an acoustic piano with flowkey?
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Absolutely! Our note recognition software can detect the sound from acoustic pianos using the built-in microphone of your device.

Most modern phones, laptops, and tablets feature perfectly good, built-in microphones for recognizing the notes and pitches on a piano.

Please note that our app is tuned to standard pitch (440 Hz). To get the best results, limit the amount of background noise in the room and make sure your piano is also tuned to standard pitch.

On this page, you can check if your instrument is tuned to 440 Hz. To test your tuning, please allow your browser to access your microphone. Counting from the left, play the fourth A note (close to middle C). If the cursor is too far off 440 Hz, your instrument might need tuning.

Opening the lid, or top, can also help to improve the microphone's note detection.

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